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Bookwright is the web-site of Abdassamad Clarke, Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison and Muhammad Amin Franklin. We translate classic texts of Islam and Sufism from Arabic to English and are also involved in all aspects of editing, indexing, proofreading, book and magazine production and design in Arabic and English, specialising in the following:

  • Arabic to English translation from classical Arabic.
  • Typesetting, in both English and Arabic.
  • Full editing of English texts specialising in works on Islam, Sufism, science and philosophy.
  • Authorship of Books for Young People.
  • Book and magazine design, including layout and typesetting in both English and Arabic.
  • ebooks. We now prepare ebooks, both in the epub format which the iPad and other Apple devices use, and in the mobi format that Kindle uses.
  • Web Design.
  • We translate from Danish to English and English to Danish specialising in works on science and philosophy, Islam and Sufism.
  • This site also contains some Writings and Talks, a group of articles, some on science from a Muslim perspective, and discourses.

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  1. Makhtar says

    Peace be upon you.

    I came accross your great work through, appreciating the enlightening writings on tasawwuf.

    Jazaka Allah Khairan.

  2. admin says

    Wa iyyakum. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words.

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