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  • Published Translations and Writings 

    July 8, 2009, 19:48

    Shari'ah – Islamic Law BY ABD AR-RAHMAN I. DOI REVISED AND EXPANDED BY ABDASSAMAD CLARKE (726 pages, Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd., London, 2008) This book has…

  • Bookwright 

    July 15, 2009, 03:09

    Bookwright is the web-site of Abdassamad Clarke, Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison and Muhammad Amin Franklin. We translate classic texts of Islam and Sufism from…

    • Muhammad Amin 

      July 15, 2009, 03:53

      Muhammad Amin was born in Ireland, where he qualified in Visual Communications (HND). After spending eight years in Edinburgh developing graffiti art sessions…

    • Abdassamad Clarke 

      July 15, 2009, 03:59

      Abdassamad Clarke is a scholar, author and commentator from Ulster and was formally educated at Edinburgh University in Mathematics and Physics, and in…

    • Table of Contents 

      April 15, 2016, 10:16

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  • Current and Completed Projects 

    December 27, 2010, 15:34

    Current projects Am currently engaged in the following projects: Having completed the translation of the commentary on Sahih Muslim, kitab al-iman, by…

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    January 20, 2011, 15:57

    Tel: +44 1603 519928

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    August 25, 2011, 06:33

    This page contains the site table of contents. Use it to quickly find content on this website.

  • Site Map 

    July 23, 2014, 17:58

    This page contains the site table of contents. Use it to quickly find content on this website.

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  • Category: Articles  (25)
    • What happened in Egypt? by: admin

      February 14, 2011, 11:50

      So what happened in Egypt? After the last Israeli war, and after the treaty with Israel, the army became redundant militarily and turned to business. Mubarak,…

    • Preface to “Illuminating the Darkness” by Habeeb Akande by: admin

      August 5, 2012, 16:28

      This is a timely work. With black people in the US beginning finally to emerge from the centuries of degrading slavery and the false start of the Civil Rights…

    • The Priceless Value of Youth by: admin

      March 9, 2016, 12:15

      If one, even if only for a moment, refuses to see the patternings that media and its pundits tell us are there, one begins to see others, and when one sees…

    • 1. Tomorrow’s Fiqh Today by: admin

      August 19, 2017, 15:47

      This is one of a series of articles which were either written in collaboration with Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison or were carefully edited by him, in which it is no…

    • The Hijab by: admin

      October 12, 2009, 13:48

      In 1988, the Irish chose to celebrate the millennium of the foundation of Dublin during Viking times, a completely arbitrary date, but never mind. One of…

    • Rijal - the narrators of hadith – by Abdassamad Clarke by: admin

      June 16, 2011, 15:03

      Rijal - the narrators of hadith by Abdassamad Clarke The Froud Centre, London, Sunday 6/6/04 Introduction Almost the last piece of this talk to fall…

    • The Fatimi – Ibn Khaldun by: admin

      October 4, 2012, 07:05

      This excerpt is an incomplete translation of the section which Ibn Khaldun devotes to the subject of the Mahdi, and comprises in full his study of the ahadith…

    • In the Beginning a Man by: admin

      March 25, 2016, 00:06

      In the beginning there was nothing technical, but there was a man, and he was almost always a man, not a woman. Initially, he had some gold and silver, usually…

    • 2. Freedom by: admin

      August 19, 2017, 15:50

      This is one of a series of articles which were either written in collaboration with Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison or were carefully edited by him, in which it is no…

    • Mathematics’ Imperious Sway by: admin

      October 22, 2009, 22:06

      by Abdassamad Clarke Introduction Pure Mathematics Constitutionalism and the Declaration of Independence Orientalism Modernism: al-Maududi, a case…

    • Yeats and the Libyan Revolution by: admin

      September 7, 2011, 23:48

      The Dreaming of the Bones by W. B. Yeats provides some unexpected insights into the current crisis in Libya. Yeats’s work might seem an unlikely place to…

    • The Translation of Identity by: admin

      January 10, 2013, 18:41

      New Approaches to European Thinking through Arabic Abdassamad Clarke – Dean MFAS The identity of the Muslim and of the Ummah could not be clearer.…

    • Swedish Islam by: admin

      February 16, 2017, 15:13

      What constitutes a barrier preventing Islam from being an indigenous religion in Sweden? When writing about Islam in the West the most compelling topic must…

    • Pre-madhhab fiqh – Aisha Bewley by: admin

      September 28, 2017, 10:26

      Title: Pre-Madhhab Fiqh Author: Hajja Aisha Bewley Reader: Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison Publication date: 16/2/2013 Assalamu alaykum. Welcome to the Muslim…

    • Nietzsche on Islam by: admin

      October 29, 2009, 14:52

      from The Antichrist translated by: H. L. Mencken If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousandfold right to do so: Islam at least assumes that it is…

    • Letter to a New Muslim: Part 1 by: admin

      September 24, 2011, 17:48

      I repost this article since some of the themes in it have come up again in on-line discussions and seem to need repeating. In the Name of Allah, the All…

    • 1. Introduction to Technique and Science  by: admin

      February 17, 2013, 11:44

      Author: Abdassamad Clarke Publication date: 2/2/2013 Assalamu alaykum. Welcome to the Civilisation and Society Programme of the MFAS. This is the first of…

    • 1. The Prophetic Economy by: admin

      September 15, 2017, 17:52

      1. The Prophetic Economy

    • Khutbah-1917 – ‘Id-al-Adha by: admin

      September 2, 2017, 15:22

      Khutbah 1:9:17 – ‘Id al-Adha

    • Was Goethe a Muslim? – Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi by: admin

      October 29, 2009, 21:20

      Authorized by the Amir of the Muslim Community in Weimar, Hajj Abu Bakr Rieger, Weimar, 19th December 1995 Goethe said that there is “much nonsense in the…

    • The Year of the Elephant – Abdassamad Clarke by: admin

      August 10, 2011, 18:42

      “Do you not see what your Lord did with the Companions of the Elephant? Did He not bring all their schemes to nothing, unleashing upon them flock after flock…

    • Discourses of the Secular by: admin

      January 10, 2013, 18:42

      Thinking about language and law in the modern age Abdalhakim Andersson – Director of Studies MFAS The purpose of the following lecture – entitled…

    • Khutbah 16/6/17 – the Laylat al-Qadr and the fire in London by: admin

      July 7, 2017, 18:21

      Khutbah 16:6:17 – the Laylat al-Qadr and the fire in London

    • Khutbah 15/9/17 – Tawbah of the Jama‘ah – and Adab of the Mosque by: admin

      September 15, 2017, 18:11

      Khutbah 15:9:17 – tawbah of the jama‘ah

    • Interview with Abdassamad Clarke  by: admin

      December 3, 2009, 20:45

      Abdassamad Clarke is from Northern Ireland and studied Maths and Physics in Edinburgh. In 1973 he accepted Islam at the hands of Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi,…

  • Category: Blogroll  (25)
    • The Manufacture of Ignorance - Abdassamad Clarke and Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison  by: admin

      August 30, 2012, 13:26

      “I refused to go to college because I wanted an education.” Gore Vidal There is a vital need to re-introduce the independence of the scholar, scientist…

    • The Muwatta, a blueprint for an illuminated city by: admin

      June 10, 2015, 00:45

      Under the auspices of Living Madinah in Manchester on the 7th March 2015

    • Academia by: admin

      May 3, 2018, 20:35

      When thoughtful Greeks experienced distress at the disorder within and the warfare between their societies, some of them, such as Socrates, Plato and others,…

    • The Debt of az-Zubayr by: admin

      June 24, 2011, 22:08

      202. Abu Khubayb – with a u on the kha’ – ‘Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr ibn al-‘Awwam al-Qurashi al-Asadi, may Allah be pleased with him, who said, “When…

    • Debate by: admin

      December 16, 2012, 14:07

      Debate without understanding, polemic without insight: why are they so much in fashion? Because they are so much easier than the arduous but rewarding task…

    • Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore – may Allah have mercy on him by: admin

      April 19, 2016, 17:13

      The authentic poet – and have no doubt about it, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore is that fabulous creature – works with the secret of language, which lies at the…

    • Malik by: admin

      December 26, 2007, 20:59

      Qadi Iyad wrote in Tartib al-Madarik: Know, may Allah grant you success, that the preponderance of the madhhab of Malik over others and the loftiness of his…

    • Nothing by: admin

      December 14, 2012, 13:08

      Can someone who is nothing come to know One Who is no thing?

    • This Age of Freedom – Abdassamad Clarke and Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison by: admin

      April 4, 2016, 23:56

      The dictionary definition of an idol: an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship, from Latin idolum ‘image, form’, from Greek…

    • Mafhum al-Mukhalafah – Contrary Understandings by: admin

      June 26, 2011, 14:30

      Since we know: “that Allah should guide one person to Himself by means of you is better for you than everything over which the sun rises”, what can…

    • I am nothing by: admin

      December 15, 2012, 17:58

      The claim “I am nothing” is perhaps the most arrogant claim of all, for there is that “I am” even if it is followed by “nothing”. It is like the…

    • Khutba 10/3/2017 – Shari'ah and Spirituality by: admin

      March 15, 2017, 15:17

      Khutbah 10:3:17 – Shari'ah and Spirituality

    • A Salmonella Outbreak (1988) by: admin

      March 4, 2008, 08:43

      Yes indeed, I was there at the famous Whipround Prize of 1988 when Salmonella rushed in to announce his latest revelation from Mammon. "Nothing is off-limits,…

    • Something strange in the state of Jordan? by: admin

      December 6, 2007, 21:19

      What exactly is going on in Amman? Two curious documents have issued from there endorsed by large numbers of big names. The first one, the Amman Agreement,…

    • Theology and Metaphysics by: admin

      September 10, 2016, 11:14

      If there is a fundamental falsity in the scientific worldview, which few address, that the human is conceived of as an observing mind gazing upon the world and…

    • A Gathering of ‘Ulama Discuss the Zakat, the Dinar of Islam, markets and the Awqaf by: admin

      July 12, 2011, 15:26

      “There is no disagreement about what you say…” At the 4th Muslim Lawyers' Conference in Potsdam 29th June - 1st July 2001, a group of 'ulama and imams…

    • Bully for You! by: admin

      January 2, 2009, 09:35

      bully noun ( pl. -lies) a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. The figure of the bully springs to mind, writ large…

    • Swedish Islam by: admin

      February 16, 2017, 15:13

      What constitutes a barrier preventing Islam from being an indigenous religion in Sweden? When writing about Islam in the West the most compelling topic must…

    • The Lie and Public Discourse – Abdassamad Clarke by: admin

      July 26, 2011, 20:17

      Confucius, when asked about the first act of government, said: “Call things by their right names”. There is something genuinely mysterious about this…

    • Ya Ayyuha’sh-Shabaab by: admin

      October 19, 2013, 02:45

      There is an apparently coherent narrative that posits a mythic 'salafi' Islam at war in defence of the Muslims against 'Zionist Jews' and 'Crusader Christians'…

    • Khutba – 3rd March 2017 by: admin

      March 3, 2017, 18:15

      Khutba – 3rd March 2017 – Today is the 4th Jumada al-Akhir 1438 He, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Islam began as a stranger and…

    • A Little Immodesty – Abdassamad Clarke by: admin

      September 15, 2011, 10:00

      Sometimes a man must cast modesty and humility aside and stand forth. My turn has come. In the late 80s I was calling for the abandonment of paper money and a…

    • Gazan Reflections by: admin

      August 4, 2014, 01:23

      In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful, and may Allah bless and grant peace to our Messenger Muhammad and his family and companions. In…

    • Khutbah 17/3/2017 – Custom and Tradition by: admin

      March 19, 2017, 14:26

      Khutbah 17:3:17 – custom and tradition

    • Community and Caliphate by: admin

      July 2, 2013, 15:26

      The jihad of the age is to invite and welcome people into Islam. This is quite different from the dialectical arguing that people do today and quite wrongly…

  • Category: Bookwright  (15)
  • Category: Current Affairs  (4)
    • The Party’s Over by: admin

      August 26, 2009, 07:23

      This article was written during the unfolding scandals involving the banking collapse, then the exposure of British Parliamentarians’ dipping their hands in…

    • An Open Letter to the Muslim Council of Britain  by: admin

      August 25, 2009, 01:51

      This open letter was occasioned by the action of the MCB in co-operating with leading British figures of the Jewish and Christian religions to denounce the…

    • A Phenomenon – Abdassamad Clarke by: admin

      September 2, 2011, 06:32

      A phenomenon has seized my attention just as a young dog might seize and worry a rag doll thrown to it as a plaything. But this phenomenon is no philosophical…

    • The Priceless Value of Youth by: admin

      March 9, 2016, 12:15

      If one, even if only for a moment, refuses to see the patternings that media and its pundits tell us are there, one begins to see others, and when one sees…

  • Category: News  (3)
  • Category: Tales are like that  (4)

    The author’s short stories

    • Oisin Sheathes His Sword, the better to fight by: admin

      November 2, 2009, 12:21

      Oisin and Niamh Oisin dwelt in the land of men. He ran with the hounds, and the deer fell; great was their slaughter. Merry was the feasting of the Fian and…

    • New Tales for Old by: admin

      March 8, 2016, 09:03

      Introduction Horace thought an author should leave a poem for nine years before publishing it. Most of this book was written more than twenty years ago and…

    • New Tales for Old – Robin Nuruddin Hood by: admin

      December 23, 2017, 14:38

      The first pages of Robin Nuruddin Hood from the book New Tales for Old. Available in the US here, and in the UK here. 12-13

    • New Tales for Old – And Why Not? by: admin

      December 23, 2017, 16:03

      The story And Why Not? from the book New Tales for Old. Available in the US here, and in the UK here. 2-3

  • Category: Uncategorized  (25)
    • Information and knowledge by: admin

      February 16, 2008, 16:01

      One of the vital matters for the information age is to know the difference between information and knowledge. If one is informed of something that someone else…

    • William Rees-Mogg: In crisis never forget value of gold by: admin

      February 17, 2009, 02:42

      The dollar is simply a piece of paper. Gold is a much better store of value and is the best insurance against future shocks By William Rees-Mogg The Times,…

    • Burma – Oil rears its ugly head yet again? by: admin

      May 10, 2008, 01:58

      Current discourse in the media makes little sense. The international community wringing its hands in distress over the sufferings of the Burmese we knew…

    • Umar Ibrahim Vadillo at International Economic Forum 2009 by: admin

      April 21, 2009, 17:39

      Abdalghani Auyeskhanov (Kazakhstan) The event we chose to introduce Umar Pasha Ibrahim Vadillo to Kazak people was the second International Economic…

    • Modernist Islam by: admin

      August 9, 2008, 23:24

      Nothing explains Islamic modernism, the whole rush to Islamic banks, the Islamic state and Islamic democracy, etc., more clearly than this passage by Ibn…

    • War on usury by: admin

      October 25, 2008, 20:00

      It is a commonplace among the Muslims that Allah has declared war on usury, but the reality is much more serious than that: Allah, exalted is He, has declared…

    • Dawkins and scientific method by: admin

      October 15, 2007, 01:29

      In conversation tonight, someone raised Richard Dawkins and his 'crusade', and I use the word deliberately, and it made me reflect on some deeper issues of…

    • Shoeless and Clueless by: admin

      December 18, 2008, 15:42

      A shoe was thrown. It was thrown because of the destruction of Iraq, its infrastructure, and the million deaths of men, women and children, and the exile of…

    • Appalling level of public discourse by: admin

      February 22, 2008, 22:29

      What the affair of the Archbishop and his thoughtful talk on the Shari'a has underlined is the appalling level of public discourse in the media today. This…

    • Davos, debt and denial by: admin

      February 18, 2009, 22:23

      If you needed more proof that fiat money is insane and that capitalism is now over:

    • Headscarf ban by: admin

      May 16, 2008, 16:53

      It is curious this matter of the headscarf being banned for judges in Denmark. The argument is that it is a religious symbol. Apart from any criticism of this…

    • Norwich - Oasis of Sanity: An open weekend hosted by The Muslims of Norwich  by: admin

      May 4, 2009, 20:32

      Click on poster for a larger image. Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of May Location: Chapelfield Mosque and Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich Featuring:…

    • Karen Blixen on gold and paper money by: admin

      August 12, 2008, 10:52

      …she wrote in a letter to the poet Thorkild Bjørnvig: “The smallest fragment of a gold coin, even dust scraped from it, is always gold. But a…

    • The leader by: admin

      October 25, 2008, 23:33

      When Paris of Troy abducted Helen (or did they elope? depends on who you believe), her husband Menelaus demanded of his brother Agamemnon, king of the Greeks,…

    • More on the new religion by: admin

      October 17, 2007, 01:56

      Atheists are all cock-a-hoop these days and conceited about their self-proclaimed rationality, and yet clearly atheism is equally as religious as any other…

    • A Muslim’s Christmas by: admin

      December 26, 2008, 13:27

      Seems incongruous, doesn’t it? The Muslims wouldn’t celebrate Christmas. Or would they? It is so much a part and parcel of Western culture that it would…

    • Den gavmilde Qur'an by: admin

      February 26, 2008, 19:20

      Koen – Al-BaqaraI Allahs navn, Den AlnÃ¥dige, Den NÃ¥defulde1       Alif Lam Mim.       Det er Bogen…

    • The African Caliphate by: admin

      February 19, 2009, 15:27

      The African Caliphate The Life, Works and Teaching of Shaykh Uthman dan Fodio (1754 - 1817) by Ibrahim Sulaiman   This scholarly work…

    • The New Bedouins by: admin

      June 5, 2008, 21:03

      The New Bedouins An Islamic Odyssey The Society of Islam in England presents a multi-faceted exhibition that provides a unique insight into Europe's…

    • The Bankers’ World War by: admin

      May 11, 2009, 06:16

      The Bankers’ World War by Shaykh Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi:

    • "Georgia on My Mind" by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi by: admin

      August 19, 2008, 13:14

      The event of the Georgian Programme, or rather, its result, the situation, has proved to be one of the pivotal tremors which indicate a profound tectonic shift…

    • Mufti Taqi Uthmani changes his mind on Islamic banks by: admin

      October 31, 2008, 00:18

      This is from a page produced by the Majlis of South Africa: In a recent 14 page article, the venerable Mufti has unambiguously exposed the riba of the…

    • Chalmers Johnson on US foreign policy by: admin

      October 24, 2007, 12:22

      For people who don't know it, is often worth keeping an eye on, and the articles of Chalmers Johnson are usually interesting.http://www.tomdispat…

    • When Madoff made off with the money by: admin

      December 28, 2008, 18:25

      This peculiar article, University goes to court over m lost in Bernard Madoff scandal, from The Times, centres around a synagogue in New York which seems to…

    • The dollar versus gold? No contest by: admin

      February 27, 2008, 11:10

      "As a medium of exchange, money needs to have convertibility and liquidity. Paper currencies have these qualities, so does gold. To add to the store of value,…