IZ interview

Question: Dear Hajj Abdassamad Clarke, you are one of the selected group of European born Muslims translators who translate essential Islamic texts into a European language. What are the necessary qualifications for this task? There is perhaps no need to repeat the obvious, the need for a good knowledge of Arabic, its idioms and usages, […]

An Overview

The beginning of the human story is with the Adamic individual, the single nafs (which is feminine in Arabic) from which its spouse is created (zawj is masculine in Arabic).   The next stage, after the destruction of the first generations, is at the time of Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, during the age […]

Pre-madhhab fiqh – Aisha Bewley

Title: Pre-Madhhab Fiqh Author: Hajja Aisha Bewley Reader: Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison Publication date: 16/2/2013 Assalamu alaykum. Welcome to the Muslim History Programme of the MFAS. This is the third of 12 sessions which make up the Madhhabs of Islam module. Today’s lecture on pre-madhhab fiqh has been prepared by Hajja Aisha Bewley who, unfortunately, is not available […]