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Shariah in the UK

We have not even got the basic elements with which to gingerly approach this issue, and while all the pundits dive into the maelstrom of debate, lining up in a strange consensus that unites odd bedfellows and produces the predictable reactions and antinomies, who is there to point out that our vaunted democratic institutions have already been cynically dismantled and that we are apparently sliding inexorably into a totalitarianism worse than anything we have seen? The rule of law and all equal before the law are admirable sentiments, but the law has never been applied to the upper echelons who actually manipulate the levers of power, let alone their moderately well-paid servants such as Bush, Blair and Brown, universally admitted war criminals who have killed more than a million people. And who is there to point out that democracy and its institutions have now achieved the status of unquestionable religious dogma, their votaries displaying more unquestioning and unthinking adherence to their doctrine and greater bigotry and intolerance than anything they ascribe to their bêtes noires? The greatest casualties in this furore are thought, reflection and the truth. The winners? Two-faced hypocrisy and programmed roboticism. And Allah has power over all things. Who could have foreseen that England’s foremost clergyman would have unleashed this bolt from the blue? Certainly not he himself. It comes as a stroke of lightning that quite suddenly illuminates the protagonists on all sides and catches them unsuspecting in their true postures, so that some we thought friends are seen in their true colours and some we previously thought enemies are seen as possible allies, even friends. Glorious is Allah Who brings the living from the dead and the dead from the living.

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