The Mawlid of al-Barzanji

Have just completed the typesetting and layout for the Mawlid of al-Barzanji to be published by Manaqib Productions in August. Here is a sample from the CD of the Mawlid that will accompany the text and translation insha’Allah.

The Mawlid of al-Barzanji
The Mawlid of al-Barzanji

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Abdassamad Clarke is from Ulster and was formally educated at Edinburgh University in Mathematics and Physics. He accepted Islam at the hands of Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi in 1973, and, at his suggestion, studied Arabic and tajwid and other Islamic sciences in Cairo for a period. In the 80s he was secretary to the imam of the Dublin Mosque, and in the early 90s one of the imams khatib of the Norwich Mosque, and again from 2002-2016. He has translated, edited and typeset a number of classical texts. He currently resides with his wife in Denmark and occasionally teaches there. 14 May, 2023 0:03

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