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Mukhtasar al-Quduri

The Mukhtasar al-Quduri, the classic work in Hanafi fiqh translated by Sidi Tahir al-Kiani, is now completed and on its way to the printers. It is due for publication by Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd. in April insha’Allah. Here is the Introduction.

Mukhtasar al-Quduri

Mukhtasar al-Quduri

The Mukhtasar of al-Quduri

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  1. Helen (Harisa) Jonston says


    I am looking forward to it coming out.

    thanks for letting us know.

  2. Najeeb Naz says

    Masha’Allah, this seems to be a translation of very high quality. Great effort indeed. Very well done Shaykh Tahir Mahmood Kiani and well done Ta-Ha Publishers.

    Jazakum Allahu ahsan al-jazaa.

  3. asim says

    Shaykh Tahir Mehmood Kiani has brought a skilful hand to the task of producing a precise and readable english version of Qudoori this book will be appreciated by readers keen on expanding their acquaintance with hanafi literature.

  4. Ali says

    Is it out yet? If so where can we purchase it? I dont see it on Taha Publishers website

  5. Ali says

    It’s the 1st of May where can I purchase the book?

  6. Abdassamad says

    The publishers haven’t notified yet that it is printed.

  7. Ali says

    It would be nice if a translation of Maliki fiqh (like mukhtasar khalil or risala ibn abi zayd) was out. Zaytuna is taking too long translating ibn ashir and al akhdari

  8. Ashraf says

    How many pages is this book?

  9. admin says

    Somewhere short of a thousand.

  10. Helen (Harisa) Jonston says

    What price will this book be?

  11. admin says

    I don’t know as yet. I do know that the first copies arrived at the publishers a couple of days ago and the consignment is expected quite soon, so I am sure that they will post details of it on their website: insha’Allah.


  12. Helen (Harisa) Jonston says

    In sha Allah.

    I pray Allah blesses all those involved with more knowledge, wisdom and ability to practice, especially Shaykh Imam Tahir Mahmood al-Kiani, who gas undertaken such an important task for the Muslims.

  13. Memuna Khan says

    I once went to see Imam Tahir Mahmood al-Kiani speak at a conference in Birmingham. Ma shallah, the audience was comprised of Urdu and English speakers and the Imam spoke in Arabic, Urdu and English, side-by-side. I’m sure this translation will be of immense benefit to the Muslims as well as to non-Muslims. Allah bless him abundantly… Amin. (Memuna Khan, Inter-Faith & Multicultural Coordinator)

  14. Ali says

    I saw the book on the Taha publishers website. The cost is 40 British pounds which is a little over $59 US Dollars. When is it coming out in the USA? I dont feel like paying massive shipping.

  15. Faisal says


    I’ve waited a long time for this. Judging by the Intro, it surely must be a masterpiece.

    Allah bless Sheikh Imam Tahir al-Kiani, his parents, and all the crew down at Taha for their selfless service.

    (p.s. & £40 is peanuts for this quality)

  16. admin says

    Insha’Allah it should get into the hands of the US distributors quite quickly. Abdassamad

  17. Abdul Rahim says

    I’ve got one. It’s sublime.

  18. Ali says

    I haven’t seen any U.S. store carry it yet. Any news on when it will be shipped to,,, etc?

  19. HUbooks says

    HUbooks in the UK are currently stocking this with a flat rate shipping charge by surface mail worldwide for £2.50 (approx $2) Airmail shipping can be arranged on request for a quicker service.

  20. Sinful Slave of Allah says

    I bought mine from an Islamic educational centre – something they did not want to sell because they did not have many copies. They tell me they have had to buy 100 more from the publishers because they have been inundated by purchase requests from the public and have sold off the initial 50 they had bought for their ‘own’ students.
    Suban Allah.

  21. hope1 says

    I hope when it comes to North America it is priced accordingly. The Nur al Idah was also initially overpriced for North Americans but it was adjusted after getting here. By the way anyone know when it is coming to North America?

  22. HoustonCalling says

    add the following too:…fi-school.aspx…i-school-.html…bdceee1b8a4993

  23. Shamsy (Morality Awareness Officer) says

    The quality of print and translation is excellent, price is cheap for what it is. Definitely recommended to all.

  24. Ali says

    All those places are in UK. I wonder why it is taking so long to reach USA?

  25. Faisal says

    Brother Ali, I think it’s best to check with publishers (

  26. Ali says

    Publisher wasnt very helpful. They said the US distributor was IB Publishing. Called them they didnt even have it in stock. Does anyone else know when the book is coming out in US?

  27. Faisal says

    Try Zaytuna. They might have some in stock, though they are not distributors or retailers.

  28. Ali says

    I finally got my book from IB publishers. I think the book is a good addition to the translated hanafi works out there. I wish there was more commentary in it. I guess I have to wait for Turath’s Lubab Sharh al Kitab to come out.

  29. Faisal says

    Nice one, Ali.
    I guess the author did not intend it to be a commentary but a simple translation – something which he states in the introduction.
    Anyhow, there are glimpses of fine commentatorship throughout the book.
    Its justice done to the book.

  30. Tarik says

    I bought myself a copy – it got stolen by a ‘friend’ – I bought 5 more and gave 4 out to other friends.
    It’s a great piece of work for people of all fields of life.
    Really cool job these guys have done.

  31. mohamed ibn ibrahim says

    As salamu alaykum Saheb

    Good news for us, it’s an good works for the students and others who is interesting to the hanafi madhhab

    the commentary who was taken in this page is sufficient

    “I’ve waited a long time for this. Judging by the Intro, it surely must be a masterpiece.

    Allah bless Sheikh Imam Tahir al-Kiani, his parents, and all the crew down at Taha for their selfless service”

    Jazak Allah khayran

    was salam

  32. Abd Rehman says

    I’ve got a copy now – absolutely fantastic! They say, never judge a book by its cover, well this one you definitely can. Beautiful.

  33. Samia says

    Imam Tahir al-Kiani’s mother died just one month before publication of this book – Allah bless her with the best of the next. Amin.

  34. admin says


  35. Shirin says

    May Allah bless the parents of Shaykh al-Kiani.
    He has done a wonderful job in producing something that was needed in the English language.
    What an excellent piece!

  36. admin says

    Amin, and him too.

  37. Bilawal Memon Attari says

    I am becoming an islamic scholar, I am reading this book in Arabic and shocked to see this in English. I want its PDF but I cannot buy this, Can anyone give this to me “free of cost”.

  38. admin says

    Wa alaikum as-salam,

    Ta-Ha Publishers may have made an ePub or Kindle version available. Please contact them.


  39. Bilawal Memon Attari says

    Thank you for your reply, ???? ????

  40. yahyar says

    I wanna to read this book.but i don’t have money to buy .Pleased share me this book to read me.may alla reward for all people

  41. admin says

    Regrettably, I don’t have extra copies of the book, and you should write to the publishers.

  42. Abubakar Aliyu Goronyo says

    Jazakumullahu khairan.Though i would like to read the book but i don’t have the money to buy it, Please can somebody produce it in a free PDF version for people like me to be able to update our religious knowledge.

  43. admin says

    Regrettably we can’t do that, but we do recommend that, rather than books, you seek out knowledgeable people from whom to learn.

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