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Understanding the Laws of Menstruation


Understanding the Laws of Menstruation

In the study of jurisprudence, menstruation (hayd), post-natal bleeding (nifas) and irregular vaginal bleeding (istihada) are amongst the most important subjects and an area of special concern to women, because many rulings of Islamic law depend on them, such as purification, reaching puberty, prayers, fasting, circling the Holy Ka‘bah, spiritual retreat (i‘tikaf), marital relations, divorce, the waiting period (‘idda) after divorce and the death of a husband and many more.

Knowing the legal rulings in regards to female bleeding is obligatory for every Muslim woman. This is because, without knowledge of them, a woman may leave something that Allah has made obligatory on her or she may perform an act that has been made unlawful for her, and become wrongdoing due to that.

The work is based on the following noted texts of the Hanafi school: Muktasar al-Quduri, al-Lubab fi Sharh al-Kitab, Nur al-Idah, Maraqi al-Falah, Hashiyat al-Tahtawi & Hashiyat ibn ‘Abideen.

“Understanding the Laws of Menstruation is a ‘must’ for every female believer in order to have at hand precise knowledge of the basic rulings in Islam relating to women in particular regarding to female bleeding.  The book is very simple, easy to understand and very useful for every genuine student.”

Apa Jaan, Headteacher,  Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria

Salma Sirajudin

Salma Sirajudin received her Degree in Islamic Theology from the Islamic College of Holcombe, Bury. She further studied various Islamic Sciences including the Arabic language, grammar, Tafseer, Hadith and jurisprudence under a number of traditional Islamic scholars in England, India and Yemen.  She taught in Lancaster Girls College for several years before moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire where she currently resides with her husband and three children. She conducts regular classes here and her service for humanity has been appreciated by the people.

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