Was Goethe a Muslim? – Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Authorized by the Amir of the Muslim Community in Weimar, Hajj Abu Bakr Rieger, Weimar, 19th December 1995 Goethe said that there is “much nonsense in the doctrines of the [christian] church.” (Conversations with Eckermann, 11.3.1832) In his “Divan” Goethe stresses the value of the precious present moment rather than having the Christian attitude of […]

Mathematics’ Imperious Sway

by Abdassamad Clarke Introduction Pure Mathematics Constitutionalism and the Declaration of Independence Orientalism Modernism: al-Maududi, a case study Conclusion Introduction Mathematics has affected the age we live in in ways that most people are unaware of. Indeed, mathematics from having been the handmaiden of philosophy and something intellectually analogous to the physical exercises and training […]

The Hijab

In 1988, the Irish chose to celebrate the millennium of the foundation of Dublin during Viking times, a completely arbitrary date, but never mind. One of the ways of celebrating it was to recreate a Viking village in a city centre location and people it with actors who had been well drilled in their roles. […]

Future Islam and the Secret of Technology

There is something prior to technology without which it cannot be understood, and that is a method that analyses and breaks things down into what it regards as logical component pieces. The process that exemplifies this best is the search for the atom. The Greeks, notably Leucippus and Democritus, proposed that if one breaks something […]

Examination of an article claiming to legitimise suicide bombings

Because of the escalating use of suicide bombing in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I felt compelled to revisit this topic by reposting the article below, bearing in mind that it does not really tackle many of the key issues such as what a legitimate jihad really is, and whether it is even possible or legal in […]


PAID1 Look at  it this way. Life can often seem to be an endless series of  cups of tea in  this neck of the woods. I’m not alone in that. A good portion of humanity is strung out on caffeine, if not on something stronger. And I reckon that it’s more than an acre or […]