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Banking: the root cause of the injustices of our time

Banking: the root cause of the injustices of our time
The original 1987 Norwich conference, Usury: the root cause of the injustices of our time, was an eye-opening occasion. After endless decades of left and right, Conservative and Labour, Democrat and Republican obfuscation, here was an explanation that cut through these misleading dialectics in a single burst of conscientious erudition. Back then, the result was electric. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, it is proving little short of prophetic.
Recent events – the catastrophic bank collapses of 2008 and the impending total systems shutdown of 2009 – have furnished us with the opportunity to place this vital material before a new readership, one which has become witness to the unfolding nightmare of systemic disintegration. In 1987 such a scenario could still be dismissed as speculative doomsaying but denial is no longer an option; the time has come for real solutions.
Whatever the result of the signal events of 2008-9, a slide into depression, cataclysmic upheaval or a rebound into dynamic activity, the argument in this work still stands: Usury is demonstrably the motor of the injustices of our age and an adequate answer to this problem will not be found outside of any paradigm that refuses to acknowledge the iniquities inherent in the creation of money as debt.
Many people are waking up to the shocking reality of entrapment by the banks as their edifice crumbles around us threatening to destroy everything in its collapse. So our wish is only that this small work will be a tool and a touchstone for those determined to find sound bearings in the confusing times that lie ahead. This new edition contains the texts of the original lectures as well as some newer material that brings them up to date. However, as the reader will discover, these essays were not only strikingly prescient with respect to describing the problem but also with respect to prescribing the solution.

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  1. Abdallah Seymour says

    I love this front cover. May Allah give us the means to circulate this to a wide audience.

  2. R. El-Magazy says

    Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah
    this book sounds interesting. Please where to find information to buy it by post.
    Dr R. El-magazy

  3. admin says

    Wa alaikum as-salam,

    Keep an eye on website when it goes live shortly. The book should be available in a month insha’Allah.


  4. seeker says

    Salam Imam,

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