Swedish Islam

What constitutes a barrier preventing Islam from being an indigenous religion in Sweden? When writing about Islam in the West the most compelling topic must be its relations to our post-modern society, in which respect Sweden is certainly at the forefront. But, how can Muslims, who clearly represent a pre-modern culture, have something to say […]

Interview with Islamische Zeitung

Question: Dear Abdassamad Clarke, what is meant by Heidegger’s thesis “science does not think“? Since I could not conceivably do justice to Heidegger’s thinking on this and I would dislike merely to be a ‘Heideggerian’ who turns Heidegger’s open-ended reflections into a new doctrine, perhaps you would permit me to tackle this from another direction. […]

The Nihilism of our age and Wahhabism – by Abdassamad Clarke

Originally presented to then Home Secretary Charles Clarke on his visit to the Ihsan Mosque in Norwich. To see things clearly, with focus and in perspective one needs two eyes. Then things appear in three dimensions. We have been looking at the matter of terrorism with one eye. That is why our actions are ineffective. […]

‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan, may Allah be pleased with him

‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan Any critical comments in the following about shi‘ism are certainly not intended as license for the increasingly barbaric atrocities committed against ordinary shi‘as across the so-called Muslim world by sectarians whose claim to ‘sunnism’ is tenuous at best. That insurgent ‘sunnism’ should justify its existence by attacks on people whose only sin […]