Praise – from Ibn Juzayy’s Tafseer

Hamd (praise) is more general and inclusive than shukr (thanks or gratitude), because thanks and gratitude are only a recompense for a favour, whereas hamd is both a recompense like thanks and is also spontaneous praise. Similarly, shukr may be more general and inclusive than hamd, because praise is expressed by the tongue, and thanks is […]

Is’af al-Mubatta fi Rijal al-Muwatta – Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti

Our shaykh the learned scholar and Hafidh of the age, Jalal ad-Din al-Asyuti ash-Shafi’i, may Allah make spacious his allotted period, says: Praise belongs to Allah for His universal bounty, and blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions with the purest of blessings and most complete grantings of peace. This […]

Mahabbah – Love of Allah by Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi

Mahabbah – Love of Allah “But those who have iman have greater love for Allah.” (S?rat al-Baqarah: 165) Know that the slave’s love of his Lord has two degrees: first, the love of the generality which no mu’min is without, and which is incumbent, and second, the love of the elite which only the Lordly […]

Forord til Den Gavmilde Qur’an – en fremlægning af de tre første suraer

Med disse tre suraer indleder vi vor fremlægning af Den Gavmilde Qur’an til Danmarks befolkning i sikker overbevisning om, at den vil blive mødt af de mest positive og åbne sind. Sandheden er, at dette arbejde skulle have været udført for længst. Lige siden Søren Kierkegaard i sine sidste år kaldte på en tilbagevenden til […]